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Safely stores and transports hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids.

ISO Tank Containers (or ISOtainers) are used for the storage and transportation of bulk liquids – 21 000 to 24 000 litres. They are designed and manufactured to international safety and performance standards and are certified to store and transport a range of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid. They are inspected before and after each use.


  • Bulk storage: carry up to 24 000 litres as opposed or 44 gallon drums or IBC (Immediate Bulk Containers) which store between 200 and 1 250 litres.

  • Less manpower: to unload, fill and load for transportation. Minimises handling of the product by staff – a priority in reducing the spread of infection or exposure when it comes to hazardous waste.

  • Use multiple times: reduces costly environmental packaging waste.

  • Stackable: allows for maximising space.

  • On lease: means that stock can be increased or decreased depending on the demand for the storage of bulk liquids.

  • Technical and maintenance support: during the course of the lease.


Storage and transportation of bulk liquids such as alcoholic beverages, ethanol, liquid waste, food products, hydrogen peroxide, mining chemicals, nitric acid, oils, resins, solvents, sulphuric acid and more.


Container Capacity:
21 000 – 24 000 litres

Container Weight:
Gross – 36 000kg
Tare – 3 550kg
Payload – 32 450kg

Exterior Measurements:
Length - 6 058m
Width – 2 438m
Height – 2 591m

ISO Tank Container Rental


Step 1

Call for a quote on +966 13 814 7200 or email


Step 2

Almar sends a formal quote and if accepted a credit application is sent.


Step 3

On receipt of the completed credit application, a credit review is done which takes approximately 2 to 3 working days.


Step 4

Once the credit review is successful and terms agreed to, the first month’s rental and cost of transportation to and from the depot (if required) reflect in our account.


Step 5

Your container is released for delivery.


Ideal bulk liquid storage solution

Almar ISOTainers / ISOtanks can store 24 000L of liquid, stack up to 6 high, are reusable and can be rotated on request.

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