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Keep your perishable goods at optimum temperatures, anywhere.

Clip-on reefer gensets are diesel generators used to power refrigerated containers known as reefers. ALMAR Saudi Arabia offer gensets on a rental basis for running reefers in remote locations, or alternatively for reefers on trucks for the transportation of perishable cargo.


  • Flexibility: run reefers without an electrical connection so you are not tied down to a specific location.

  • Cold Chain Security: provides 460v of continuous power for uninterrupted protection.

  • Reliability: Almar has the youngest reefer genset fleet in the industry. They are also built to last with the direct injection engine designed to handle the most rugged of operating environments.


Gensets are used when reefers get transported from one location to another and contain stock which needs to remain at a certain temperature.


Carrier RG 15 Power Line Clip on Genset:

  • 492l fuel tank

  • 4 Cylinder, water cooled, 2.2l direct injection Diesel engine

Easy to start:

  • Fast, sure starting puts your operator in control. The powerline start/stop switch is mounted low in front, within easy reach. The in-air intake manifold heater allows for fast starting and trouble free operation even at low ambient temperatures.

Easy to attach:

  • Attaching and disconnecting the generator takes just minutes

    • The pin mounting bracket design saves time.

    • The self-aligning ratcheted clamp locks allow safe, secure attachment to corner castings.

Reefer Genset Rental


Step 1

Call for a quote on +966 13 814 7200 or email


Step 2

Almar sends a formal quote and if accepted a credit application is sent.


Step 3

On receipt of the completed credit application, a credit review is done which takes approximately 2 to 3 working days.


Step 4

Once the credit review is successful and terms agreed to, the first month’s rental and cost of transportation to and from the depot (if required) reflect in our account.


Step 5

Your reefer genset is released for delivery.


Keep perishable items at the right temperature during transit

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